Main building (More pictures)

The upper floor is for guests and has a double bedroom, two single rooms, kitchens and bathroom.
in the basement there is such one overnight rooms with TV and broadband-connected computer for guests.

Hermit Hut (More pictures)
Number of beds: 1-7
Heating: wood stove (firewood included).

Ecological toilet
Hat Cottage (More pictures)
Here in the hostel can be a bit bigger groups organize events. There are 10 beds + 10 extra beds, kitchen, bathroom and dining room. Pets can be represented in the Hat cottage if they are quiet .. else should sleep in their cages. Immediately following the Hat Cottage is the wood-burning lapp cots by 5 Reindeer bunks, and a hot tub.
Log House (More pictures)
Number of beds: 2
Heat: heat floors & wood stove (firewood included).
Located adjacent to the main house and the Beaker cottage.
the beds are located in the loft
and the inner part of the ground floor is the farm shop.
New! Croft Aspsången (More pictures)
Number of beds: 5 + extra beds
5 rooms and kitchen
stove, shower and toilet
Aspsången is about 1km from the main building in a beautiful country environment.
Other Options
"rundlogen" - here there are private beds
and training equipment for those who want.

Other Information
WC, shower, sauna, fridge, freezer, microwave, TV and
computer with internet are a few things that are available
for guests to use.

Heat obtained from the rock or wood-burning stove, depending on choice of accommodation.