In our YOUTH HOSTEL with LAPPKÅTA with grill,
Find a nice place to stay sure you will.
Each room have a name of a hat,
and together for all – a big flat….
There conferences works well you see,
Up to 40 we easy can be.
It´s possible to sleep in the lapp-house too,
Make fire, tell storys with buffé we sometimes do.

Even in Stockhus we can serve you food,
On wooden-plates where things tastes real good.
A Loft-bedroom there is – and when morning-sun you see,
You happy feel, and in adventure want to be….
What not exactly here in our place you found,
Sure we can show you…just around…..

ASPSÅNGEN an old farm carefully renovated,
Here you also can choose a nice bed,
A pleasant and lovely memorial of time gone by,
You feel homecoming – maybe soon you know why.
Sauna with wooden fire you have here too,
In winter – rolling in snow some people do.

The HERMIT HUT in forest wait for you,
There fire in wooden-stove we love to do.
Enjoy the nature, and lake down there,
Love the healthy atmosphere.
Sauna is there - just for you,
Best it is…..with scooter in winter we go…..

Animals in our place most children like good,
Dogs, cats, and the goat give food.
The chickens scratch and the rooster call,
Children on the grass they run and roll.
Our light summer-nights make things grow more,
So if you like country life – knock on our door…..